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Round 5 - Brands Hatch

2019 sees the Vintage Sports-Car Club celebrate its 85th Anniversary, and what better way to mark the occasion than with a massive Pre-war Race Meeting. We are delighted to be visiting Brands Hatch for the first time in the Clubs history and we hope this is the start of a Brands being a regular feature within our racing programme.

The below races will feature at the meeting, with final race order to be confirmed in due course.

 Standard & Modified Pre-war Sports-Cars - 15 minutes

 Pre-war Sports-Cars - 15 minutes

 Vintage Racing Cars & Pre-1961 Racing Cars - 15 minutes

 Short Scratch Race for Pre-war Cars - 10 minutes

Short Handicap for Pre-war Cars - 6 Laps

19th Dick Baddiley & 65th Edwardian Racing Trophy for Pre-1918 Cars & Invited 1920s cars - 8 Laps

 Triple M Register Race for Pre-war MGs - 15 minutes

 Special Pre-war Racing and Sports Car - 15 minutes

 Vintage Racing and Sports Cars - 15 minutes

3rd Intermarque Trophy Race - 15 minutes


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