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Round 4 - Cadwell Park

Featuring a host of themed races, we cant wait to return to Cadwell Park to celebrate Pre-war racing in all its glory. Frazer Nashes, Pre-war MGs and Austin 7s will be plentiful at this meeting.

The below races are confirmed for this event, with race order to be announced in due course.

24th Geoghegan Trophy Race for Standard & Modified Pre-war Sports-Cars - 15 minutes

53rd Melville Trophy Race for Pre-war Sports-Cars - 15 minutes

54th John Holland Trophy, 41st Shuttleworth Trophy, 41st Nuffield Trophy, 15th Len Thompson Trophy for Vintage Racing Cars & Pre-1961 Racing Cars - 15 minutes

5th Garry Whyte Riley Handicap Race for Pre-1941 Riley Cars - 15 minutes

 Short Scratch Race for Pre-war Cars - 10 minutes

 Short Handicap for Pre-war Cars - 4 Laps

59th Spero Trophy, 58th Voiturette Trophy for Pre-1941 Racing Cars up to 1100cc - 15 minutes

 Triple M Register Race for Pre-war MGs - 15 minutes

 Frazer Nash Race for Pre-war Frazer Nashes - 15 minutes

2nd Herbert Austin VSCC vs 750MC for Pre-war Austin 7s - 15 minutes

2nd VSCC Under 30s Handicap Race for VSCC Members Under 30s - 4 Laps

F3 500s - 15 minutes


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