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Round 3 - Donington Park

A special highlight of this meeting is the 70th Historic Seaman Trophy Race, which celebrates cars such as ERAs, Maseratis and their contemporaries. They will be perfectly complimented by a range of Pre-war and historic races.

The below races will feature at this meeting, but race order will be announced in due course.

70th Historic Seaman Trophy for Pre-1961 Racing Cars - 20 minutes

 11th Redgate Mug for Standard & Modified Pre-war Sports-Cars - 15 minutes

69th Vintage Seaman Trophy, 11th Donington Mug & 27th Flockhart Trophy for Vintage Racing Cars, Special Pre-war Sports-Cars and Pre-1961 Racing Cars - 15 minutes

 Short Scratch Race for all Pre-war Cars - 10 minutes

 Short Handicap for all Pre-war Cars - 4 Laps 

Pirelli Classic Ferrari Challenge - 2 x 25 minutes

 HRDC - 2 x 30 minutes

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